Managment Services

SCC, Inc. has many years of experience in the Commercial real estate industry, and has learned through the elements of change to be successful. we give you expert advice and use proven methods to increase the value of your investment.  SCC, Inc. offers a comprehensive management packagewhich will increase your property value by lowering vacancy rates and leasing to higher quality tenants.

Effective property maintenance and controls combined with aggressive rent collections leads to a profitable, high yield investment. 

What we manage:

        Single Family Homes 

        2-4-unit income property

        Multi-family property up to 15 units

Regular Property Inspections

·       Property improvements to add value when sold

Property Maintenance

·        Increase curb appeal

·        Prompt attention to tenant maintenance issues 

·        Expedited turn around on vacant units to decrease vacancy time

·        Regular upkeep to decrease differed maintenance and decrease larger maintenance issues



·        Increased tenant relations

·        Thorough application process

                Credit checks 
                Employment history verification
                Tenant interviews

·        Detailed Lease Agreements to protect your investment

·        Detailed records of tenants kept for over 24 months



·        Monthly/annual revenue statements

·        Aggressive rent collection

·        Accounting of all repair and material costs

·        Payment of monthly property expenses, i.e.: utilities, insurance, Mortgage, taxes etc.


Regardless of whether or not you have found a property management solution. We offer free consultations, market analysis, and investment advice. 

If you are ready for a firm that takes as much pride in your investment as you do, give us a call.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!